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Baby Shower Gift List – Question and Answers

What are the pros and cons of parents setting up a gift list for a baby shower?

A carefully prepared gift list is a good way for new parents to let family and friends know what they actually need for their newborn. It helps avoid duplicate gifts, and helps guests focus on the real needs, rather than guessing. Also, if you want to give a gift, but aren’t familiar with the needs of new babies and mothers, look at the list and find something that will make a nice gift. It can also let people know what is not needed. If relatives or friends have already promised a well-preserved stroller, crib, high chair, car seat, etc. why not state it right on the list.

On the negative side, if you are drawing up the list, be careful not to be too ostentatious. Often gift lists are set up as a registry with a department store. If you set up your list with a high end store, it could be a turn-off. Their reaction could be, “What do they think that we are made of money?” You certainly don’t want to sound greedy. So be reasonable in your requests. One other possible negative is that your guest may think of a really great gift, but not get it because it is not on your list.

What are items that are appropriate to include on the gift list? Baby list

The best gifts are those that are genuinely needed. Remember, caring for a baby in its early months can be quite expensive. Therefore, think in terms of something that you will have to buy if no one gives it, rather than just cute or novelty items. Obviously baby clothing will be needed, so undershirts, booties, little pants, jumpsuits, little dresses for girls, various baby outfits, etc. are practical. Feeding items like baby bottles, nipples, pacifiers, bibs and training dishes will be needed. Disposable diapers get expensive, so they should always be appreciated. Things like small blankets and other bedding will be needed. Would you be buying other things like photo albums, picture frames for baby pictures, growth charts, various grooming items (little hair brush, combs, baby soap and shampoo, etc.)? Then put them on your list.

I’ve mentioned a stroller, crib, high chair, and a car seat. Add a baby dresser. If you don’t have any promised hand-me-downs, add them to the list. New ones can get costly, so you could even suggest that several go together on something expensive that you really need.

Some people like giving baby toys, but think, what do you really desire the baby to have and what would you buy if no one gives it as a gift. If it is something you really want for your baby, put it on the gift list. Often parents consider things like rattles, small dolls, and other safe toys as real needs, feeling it is important for the baby to play with such things. Many parents view picture or reading books as important. The reason is that child experts stress that reading to a child, even one too young to understand, creates wonderful parent-child bonding. The child grows to love books and reading because it is associated with parental love. If they develop a love for books, it may help them in school and in their educational development.

This is not a complete list. Just remember, if it is something you need and would buy yourself, then put it on your list. But be reasonable. Don’t expect high priced gifts from family and friends of modest means.

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